The SCAE Courses are recognised worldwide.  This is due to the recent merge of the SCAA* and the SCAE**.  They are based on best practices for delivering specialty coffee.  We recommend the SCAE courses for industry professionals and people looking to create a career in the coffee industry.

Since the collaboration of these two bodies, the SCA and the SCAE, all training comes under the SCA brand.

Following the coffee cherry from farm to cup, the SCAE courses are part of a large education framework.
Each course in the SCAE framework contributes to the Coffee Diploma System [or CDS for short]. This is a 12 level certification process.  The CDS certifies professionals across multiple categories, such as roasting, green buying, barista and brewing.

The courses we offer are all in the Barista Modules

Barista Foundation

Barista Intermediate

Barista Professional


If you are an employer seeking to find the best solution for your team, we recommend discussing your needs with us so we can develop a training path that matches your team and management skills.  It is important (to us) that training progress can be measured and evaluated on an ongoing basis.  This may mean a hybrid approach of SCAE courses and Coffee Culture custom built education programs.

The CDS program and the SCAE courses are all taught in English, but we do have the course syllabus available in several languages [Chinese, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Dutch and Greek].  Please advise us in advance if you wish the course notes to be available in any of these languages.

Only qualified AST’s may deliver the SCAE courses.  Read more about AST’s and their role in coffee education here.