The calendar is full of trade shows and coffee events.  One of the ones not to miss is the the London Coffee Festival.  Held in an ex-brewery in East-Central London, it was launched seven years ago.  7500 people came that first year, last year more than 30,000 people came over the four days!

Who was there?

Coffee industry people get a lot out shows like the London Coffee Festival.  We see and showcase the latest in product and equipment innovation and design.  We can connect with our industry community and also forge relationships.  We were amazed however, at just how many people outside of the industry attended.  Hoardes of people arrived for every session that was open to the general public!

People love good coffee and are now more discerning than ever.  The consumer is also looking at the value chain, and trending towards direct trade, traceability, ethical sourcing, sustainability.  We value cutting edge creativity and design, and we like to nurture emerging talents.  Speciality coffee measures up to and is blending with this cultural shift, and the London Coffee Festival is a perfect platform for this.

What was there?

So much!!  Firstly, food and drink of all sorts.  We sampled nut butters and flower teas, cactus, honey and coconut waters.  There was a tower of chocolate, upcycled fashion accessories and clothes made from Mongolian Yak fibres.  Live artists and djs played great music all weekend, and there were art and photography exhibitions and competitions.  The festival also has a fundraising initiative, and supports Project Waterfall.  This charity is committed to bringing clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities. Coffee culture has so much to offer, and has such a wide and diverse reach, it is not surprising that this festival can attract such a huge attendance.

Watch the festival highlights video.