It’s time to give your coffee a taste-lift.

People are more discerning.  It’s a fact.

We are more educated, we can access vast amounts of information at our fingertips and we simply have more answers.

In the coffee world there is always something to learn, you never stop learning. This month we have been looking at coffee harvests, how different countries harvest at different times of the year and how the flavours vary from region to region.  For example some coffee flavours from Central and Southern America can taste of dark fruits, cocoa and bitter chocolate, yet coffee’s from Southern Africa have bright ripe citrus fruit flavours and floral tones.  You wouldn’t believe me unless you tasted them for yourself when brewed properly.

A properly made espresso will have a balance of flavour, depth and a richness in the mouth.  There will be some acidity, some fruit, some bitterness. Nothing dominant. Balance.  Ideally this balance of flavours carries through into the milk based drinks and the natural sugars in the milk will compliment the sweet tones in the coffee.  The overall effect is a joy to taste and savour.  We strive to teach this to every barista we train and cafe that serves our coffee.  If you can nail this, if you can deliver balance of flavours in your coffees – you will have happy returning customers.  If your coffee tastes of …well …just bitter coffee – you are doing something wrong and its time for a Coffee Culture taste lift.