Barista Skills – ignore them at your peril

The vital ingredient in a successful cafe ? Answer : barista skills. Its that simple.  There’s no point opening a cafe unless you have at least one trained Barista or several Baristas on your team. Coffee is at a level now where you simply have to invest in your baristas skills.  This helps you to offer higher standards in presentation, taste and customer engagement. The bottom line is if you have the best coffee in your area, the customers will keep coming back.

Your typical Barista has huge responsibility, not only delivering barista skills in the cup, but also engaging and communicating with the customers.  Just like a waiter has a station, the barista is trained to be at hers, applying her barista skills to every drink. Serving different styles of coffee espresso, latte, cappucino, americano, flat whites, mocha’s while doing the other mutli-skilled requirements such as chatting to the customer and collecting the money !

Customers love consistency, so investing in training and or recruiting staff with proven barista skills is a must.  Over time these skills spread across the team.