Meet our experienced and motivated team, delivering the highest standard of understanding coffee and engendering a passion for quality and consistency.

Barista Foundation Course - SCA certified

Alan Andrews


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Alan loves to travel. He has been visited several countries all around the world, and met lots of interesting coffee enthusiastic. He fell in love with Guatemala, where he experienced the real taste of coffee processing from planting, washing method, drying to roasting.

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Your favourite coffee drink: Flat white

Most popular coffee time of a day: 11 am

Funniest coffee moment or memory: My field trip to Guatemala in 2013. I had the most fun with coffee friends from all over the world

How do you describe the fresh aroma of coffee: Every coffee has its own unique aroma. And that’s what I love about it

What is your coffee passion: Bringing people together and sharing coffee knowledge

Is coffee the best medicine for a hangover: Cortado with a splash of Baileys :-)

Do you agree with the statement ‘ Coffee is a  language in itself’?: No! Coffee should be absolutely for everyone. It should not be so complicated that people cannot understand it. Our job as educators is to break down this coffee barrier and create an inclusive coffee community #coffeeculturefam

The hardest thing about preparing coffee: Consistency


Barista Foundation Course - SCA certified

Trish Ferguson

Training Manager

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Trish is a professional trainer with seven years experience in the industry. She has been involved in national competitions in Ireland, on the organising side, and has been Volunteer Coordinator at two World of Coffee events. She was a judge at the Irish Latte Art, Barista and Brewers Cup championships in recent years.

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Your favourite coffee drink: That would be like choosing my favorite child! I love them all 😀

Most popular coffee time of a day: First thing in the morning, definitely…I never start a day without coffee.

Funniest coffee moment or memory: Making coffee on the bonnet of a Jeep at the foot of Mount Bromo in Java this year was pretty memorable

How would you describe the fresh smell of a coffee: There’s nothing like it

What is your coffee passion:I love making it, drinking it, I love learning about it, I love showing people how to make it…I love the coffee shows and competitions, I love coffee farms, I love it all!

Is coffee the best medicine for a hangover?: Coffee makes everything better!

The hardest thing about preparing coffee: The waiting!




Barista Foundation Course - SCA certified

Karin Ward

Business Development Manager (West)

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Karin has recently joined our team with her passion for coffee. She loves different variety of speciality teas, although she believes that there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee. Karin is living in the countryside in the West of Ireland.

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Your favourite coffee: Lamotta, perfect and full-bodied blend with a strong and flavorsome taste.

Most popular coffee time of a day: First cup in the morning. Heaven!

Funniest coffee moment or memory: Sitting down at the age of 4 with my mum and my grannie having a “fika”. Felt really grown up with my own cup of coffee 🙂

How would you describe the fresh smell of a coffee: “Happiness is”

What is your coffee passion: Being from Sweden coffee where coffee is as important as tea in Ireland. Coffee has always been a really important part of my life. You still get served bitter and horrible coffee in a lot of places around the country so to stand behind the quality that Coffee Culture represents feels really exciting.

Is coffee the best medicine for a hangover?:  It surely helps!!!!

Do you agree with a statement ‘Coffee is a language in itself’: Yes, no need for talking if you have a really nice cup of coffee!

The hardest thing about preparing coffee: Still working on my Latte art skills but I’m getting there!