Open a café in 2018

Do you want to open a café or coffee shop?
Where do you start?

Become a cafe owner in one of the worlds fastest growing industries.  Most people dream to one day open a café, and at Coffee Culture we have created the perfect course for you.  Our one day open your own café workshop will give you the foundation where your café dreams can be built.

Don’t waste time ringing suppliers, talking to banks, trying to get information from builders and designers.  In our one day workshop we will give you all the information you need to understand your project and be on the right path to open a café.  We have already done all the work.  Be smart, and efficient with your time.  Come to the Start Your Own Cafe workshop and take the shortcut to all the answers you have been trying to find.

All of your questions answered

There are SO many questions, and the answers vary depending on whom you talk to. Remember it costs nothing to talk to us. And we will offer our first consultancy FREE.
The questions you want to know the answers to:
  • What kind of food?
  • What coffee supplier will we use?

  • What kind of menu will we offer?

  • Will we lease or rent or buy?

  • What kind of design? Eat in or grab and go? Table service or deli?

  • How many staff do I need?

The list is endless!
It’s a daunting challenge.  And yes, there are SO many more questions you will need answers to.  At Coffee Culture, we know the first and best place to start is here, with us.
Whether you are designing your coffee shop menu,  or coffee menu, or looking for a heads-up on a retail unit, we are your first port of call.

An intense one-day start your own cafe workshop focused on the key areas you need to consider before you open a cafe.  Attendees are invited to pre-submit all queries before attending and we will build the answers to all of your questions into the day-long workshop.

Break time:

  • 10 minutes Morning break
  • 1 hour Lunch break

Over the course of the day, we will cover these topics and more, depending on the questions submitted prior to the class.

  • What type of premises suits your business ?
  • How to you get or change planning permission ?
  • What will it cost to build  ?
  • What regulations do I need to be aware of ?
  • How to I register my business for food safety ?
  • Who will my customers be ?
  • How do I position my product ?
  • How much money will I make ?
  • What kind of profit is in coffee shop ?
  • How many years will it take to get my money back ?
  • What suppliers should I use ?
  • What information do I put into my business plan ?

This is a workbook based class geared to help you make crucial decisions in order to turn your cafe dream into a reality.

We highly recommend pre submitting information on your project before the class. All of your information will be treated in complete confidence.  If you have information like potential cafe plans, business plan, visuals, ideas, concepts, story boards etc, please bring these on the day for review.  Some attendees may only be thinking about opening a cafe.  In this case, feel free to come along and take away as much information with you as possible.

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