Espresso practise

Espresso Practise

90 minutes

You can book an espresso practise session as often as you like, back to back, week to week or day to day.  We provide you with equipment and a facilitator.  You can book a machine and practise making as many espressos as you like.  You can add a refractometer, coffee, bring your own coffee, or any barista equipment you like.  NOTE: you must have machine experience, either barista express, barista level 1 or foundation or be working in a cafe on an espresso machine.  This is not a training class.  Baristas who book onto the equipment will be monitored.

Espresso making 90 minutes.

Book a position on any espresso machine.

Our machines are single or two group.  You may be sharing a machine, but you will always have one side/one position.

Depending on bookings you will have exclusive or shared access to a grinder.

We provide milk, machines and beans. You may buy single origin beans, or more practise beans, rent a refractometer or indeed bring your own coffee.

See below for add ons at booking

If you are not a competent barista you will be asked to stop the session.

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